Fire Projects

Aujan offers 5 key scope of supply and services for projects:


Aujan offers 2 distinct product lines offering fire protection products from various partners in Fire detection and alarms and Fire Fighting.


Fire Detection and Alarms

Aujan currently offers 4 distinct fire detection and alarm systems:

  • Notifier Fire Alarm Systems:

a. Intelligent / Addressable
b. Conventional
c. Releasing
  • FIRELITE Fire Alarm Systems
  • VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems
  • Security and CCTV Systems

Fire alarm systems work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fire alarm testing and inspection program will reveal and resolve all problems with the system before any emergency should arise.


We specialize in testing and servicing all manufacturers' fire alarm systems. From small office buildings to large hospitals, from small hard-wired systems to large networked systems, our trained and certified staff can provide the type of reliable service you expect, all at a competitive price. Our commitment is to provide all of our customers, whether new or existing, the highest level of service and on-going support.

Fire Fighting & Suppression Systems

Aujan provides various fire suppression solutions with services as follows:
  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
a. NOVEC 1230 Clean Agent and Cylinders
b. FM-200 Clean Agent and Cylinders
c. CO2 Clean Agent and Cylinders
d. Pre-engineered Extinguishing Systems, namely, Direct Low Pressure, Indirect Low Pressure and Cube Systems
  • Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems
  • Water Mist Firefighting and Cooling Systems
  • Wet Firefighting Systems
a. Automatic Fire Sprinklers
b. Fire Hose Cabinets
c. Automatic Deluge Systems, namely, Pre-Action Deluge, Automatic Foam Deluge and Deluge Water Spray
d. Fire Department’s Dry-Pipe Systems
e. Fire Hydrants
f. Fire Hose Reels
  • Portable and Wheeled Type Fire Extinguishers
a. ABC Dry Powder
b. CO2
c. Foam
d. Water
e. Wet Chemical
f. Clean Agent

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